Fun LEGO Overwatch video sees the real and LEGO worlds combine

A neat new video promoting LEGO Overwatch sees the real world and the animated LEGO world combine.

The LEGO YouTube channel has shared a new Overwatch video, “How Heroes Play Tribute”. It opens with gamers playing Overwatch, with their LEGO models sat on the desk alongside them. As they engage with the game, the LEGO builds come to life and start having their own adventure.

While the LEGO minifigures and sets begin by battling in the real world, they soon enter an entirely animated world where things escalate, with many of the sets released as part of the new theme showing up in the action-packed video game inspired clip.

The six sets featured in the video are available to order from

75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker
75971 Hanzo vs. Genji
75972 Dorado Showdown
75973 D.Va & Reinhardt
75974 Bastion
75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Fans can get a closer look at LEGO Overwatch in the new issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine, which includes a lead interview with two of the LEGO experts who worked on bringing Overwatch to brick life. They lift the lid on an interesting collaboration with the video game’s developers, Blizzard, and reveal how the LEGO Group went about creating sets based on the colourful, virtual world.

Brick Fanatics Magazine is available for purchase in single copies (plus a postage and packaging charge) or as part of a 12-issue or 24-issue subscription, at a discounted rate, with free postage and packaging.

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