How sturdy are the LEGO DOTS Bag Tags during travel?

As part of the LEGO DOTS 2021 range, a collection of brick-built bag tags are ready to help your luggage stand out, but can they actually survive the trip?

That question is exactly what Bricks by Mind set out to answer on YouTube, experimenting with 41930 Bag Tag Panda whilst on their holidays and seeing what the damage would be after multiple flights and baggage claims.

The build itself can be customised to your liking, with the YouTuber’s designs featuring a variety of pieces provided by the set that extends beyond the outer of the Bag Tag base, for experimentation. The journey began with a simple plane ride, attaching 41930 Bag Tag Panda to a suitcase for the first leg of travel.

Overall, the experiment included two plane rides and airports and multiple trips on buses. Surprisingly after the week-long holiday, the damage was minimal overall. One curved tile had fallen off during travel, despite being within the boundaries of the rubber base, and the Panda’s ears were twisted too.

However, other than the minor damage and a generally dirtier model, DOTS 41930 Bag Tag Panda managed to survive the trip with almost every piece intact, proving the durability of the customisable sets.

“Overall, my review of the LEGO DOTS Bag Tags is that they are very good,” said Mind. “If you’re going on vacation and want something to mark your bag, I highly recommend these – or if you’re just looking for something to put on your book bag, they can hold up.”

LEGO DOTS 41930 Bag Tag Panda is available now from the official online store along with the rest of the different designs. Two more will join the range from August 1 featuring a pair of fantastical creatures.

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