Images of LEGO fan’s builds used by fake online shop

Images of a LEGO fan builder’s sets are being used to try and scam unsuspecting online shoppers.

LEGO community member Pawe? Kmie? has released a video after finding that a website is purporting to sell his LEGO builds. He came across what appeared to be a shopping website that had copied content from his own site, claiming that the images of Pawel’s builds were actually products available for sale, despite them never having been produced commercially.

In the past, companies such as Lepin have taken fan designs and made knock-off LEGO sets based on them. That is not the case here, as the models are not photographed from all angled and use upwards of 3,000 pieces, making it impossible for anyone to reverse engineer them. It seems that the website is seeking to simply take orders that will not be fulfilled.

The listings on the website contain factual inaccuracies and copy large chunks of text from Pawel’s website.
Upon investigating, the LEGO fan builder found that the website domain name is registered in China, despite the company claiming to be based in the UK. The UK based phone number does not work.

Fans are advised to avoid the website in question and be wary of similar scams.

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