Lager and LEGO…

A café bar in Manchester is starting a ‘lager and LEGO’ night aimed at adult fans of everyone’s favourite sophisticated interlocking system.

The Manchester Evening News report that Koffee Pot, based in the Norther Quarter area of Manchester city centre is hosting a weekly night aimed at LEGO fans.

On every Tuesday evening from 6pm, AFOLs aged 18+ are welcome ‘alone to meet new friends or in groups’, and it’s free entry.

It has been known for a LUG or two to host group meet-ups down their local, but this is being driven by the host themselves.

There’s been an increasing recent trend in the use of LEGO as a mechanism to raise awareness for projects and causes of various kinds. Could this latest initiative mark a development towards businesses using it to entice new customers?

Only this week did we report on the growing ‘kidult’ market in the UK, a lucrative and fast-expanding group of adults willing and able to spend money on their toy hobby.

Picture credit: Rod Gillies

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