Largest LEGO brick diorama world record attempt at the LEGO House

LEGO Games and Nimblebit are undertaking a Guinness World Record attempt that actually makes sense at the LEGO House later this month.

To celebrate the launch of LEGO Tower, a world record attempt is being attempted at the LEGO House later this month. From June 21 until June 23, the public can participate in a build activity in Billund, Denmark, before the Guinness World Records adjudicator confirms the record is achieved on June 23.

For once, the record makes sense – it is the biggest LEGO diorama, ever. Compared to the largest gathering of LEGO Stormtrooper minifigures, it actually sounds legitimately worth measuring.

The LEGO Fan Media Days 2019 event gave a taste of the activity, that will see builders putting decorations on pre-built individual floors, which will then be stacked as they are in the LEGO Tower game.


“The floors are modular, and this feels like the right approach to try build something this big together, with hopefully everything able to slot together to form these huge structures,” said Edgaras Racinskas, Associate Marketing Manager with LEGO Games. “We were counting individual bricks used, but have moved now to measuring in kilograms. We’re now at 350kg of LEGO bricks and we’re still ordering stuff…”

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