LEGO 10275 Elf Club House design includes ‘a dash of Christmas magic’

Now that LEGO Winter Village Collection 10275 Elf Club House has been unveiled, Model Designer Chris McVeigh discusses his first minifigure scale model

Along with information about LEGO Winter Village Collection 10275 Elf Club House, the LEGO Group shared a Q&A with the Model Designer behind the set, Chris McVeigh. As an in-house interview, it’s not the most revealing, but it does give a little insight into Chris’s work on the upcoming set.

LEGO Winter Village Collection 10275 Elf Club House will be available exclusively at from September 23.

“I thought it would be great fun to explore the world of Santa’s Elves,” he says. “Where do they go after a hard day’s work making toys? What do they do for fun? Do they give gifts to each other for Christmas? In terms of architecture, the set was inspired by both alpine chalets and Tudor-style homes, with a dash of Christmas magic for good measure.

“I like to start by sketching concepts. It helps me articulate shapes and explore different styles. Once I have some solid ideas, I start building physical models. It is then a matter of refining the build and adding lots of fun little details.”

Chris also reveals his favourite techniques in the set. “The Elf Clubhouse has several interesting techniques. I think my favourite is using Plate 1×2, rounded to create a wreath. And although it is less visible, I am also pleased with the staggering of the 1x1x5 bricks in the chimney to give it added structural stability.

The reindeer is his favourite element in the box. “I like to call her Brixen.”

One challenge that the designers face with Christmas sets is that they are usually developed at a decidedly un-festive time of year. “Christmas has always been a special time of year for my family and so I have many warm memories to look back on. And if I am ever struggling, listening to a Christmas carol like Silver Bells or Winter Wonderland will instantly put me in the right frame of mind.

He also has advice to those who would love to follow in his footsteps and become a full time LEGO Model Designer: “Keep building! The more you build, the more you understand the full range of possibilities with LEGO bricks. Also keep an eye out for new elements and how you can use them to improve your models. How you present your model is also important, so take time to learn about photography, experiment with lighting, and do not be afraid to trying something different!”

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