LEGO 854011 Eiffel Tower Magnet Build coming to the online shop

A LEGO Store Paris exclusive souvenir, 854011 Eiffel Tower Magnet Build, will be available at the official online shop from March 1.

Unusually, some of the LEGO Store capital city exclusives are about to be available at As well as two New York exclusives, 854011 Eiffel Tower Magnet Build will be available to order from March 1.

The clever little build uses a 4×4 magnet piece as the basis for building a little Eiffel Tower scene, using 29 pieces. In the UK, the set will be priced at £8.99, and in the USA, the set will be priced at $9.99.

These models are designed to be purchased at specific LEGO Stores in tourist destination cities, so it is unusual to see them for sale at

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LEGO 854011 Eiffel Tower Magnet Build

Here is the official product description for 854011 Eiffel Tower Magnet Build:

Kids get to celebrate one of the world’s best-known landmarks with this LEGO Iconic Eiffel Tower Magnet Build set (854011), including a magnetic 4×4 brick base and 28 LEGO building elements. This fun-to-build micro-scale recreation of the iconic French monument can be attached to a fridge, locker or any other magnetic surface to add a “magnifique” touch of Parisian LEGO style!

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