LEGO AFOL Engagement Team advises fans in coronavirus affected regions not to meet

The LEGO Group’s adult fan outreach team has recommended that LEGO User Groups do not meet in person if they are based in a region affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

A message has been shared by the LEGO AFOLET (Adult Fan of LEGO Engagement Team) recommending that fans in regions affected by coronavirus do not meet up in person. LUGs (LEGO User Groups) are required to host events in order to receive ‘recognition’ from the LEGO Group, but this requirement has been suspended in light of the circumstances.

Here is the statement in full:

Our main appeal to all communities in affected COVID-19 regions: Please do not meet in person!

We want to clarify that there’s no requirement of physical / face-to-face meetings in the community from the LEGO Group. It’s not a requirement to stay recognised and though we don’t wish to tell you how you should run your communities (you’re the experts), we encourage that if recognised communities have their own guidelines to meet in person, to lift this requirement with immediate effect if your country is affected by the COVID-19 virus and to first and foremost follow your government and health authorities guidelines.

Further we also want to highlight there’s no requirements to recognised communities to host physical events in order to stay recognised. This requirement was lifted in January 2018. In a “normal” world (ahem) we have a requirement that order to receive support we do require that you host event and that you report all events you have in the community. BUT with this situation we have of course accommodated that physical events are not possible – please read Ana’s post about support (question 7)

We know that a lot of communities around the globe have already cancelled or postponed their events. We encourage that if your region is affected by the Corona virus to please cancel or postpone your physical event.
We hope that the situation will inspire to some alternative community meetings – for example meeting online (please feel free to share on the blog how your community has found alternative possibilities for group meetings – your ideas can help other communities)

We hope this sheds some light about our stance in this special situation.
Stay safe and healthy.

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