LEGO City 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission review

The LEGO City Jungle subtheme brings a low-priced that includes two vehicles, an ancient monument and a jungle beast – does it add up to good value?

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I have been eager to see what was next for the LEGO City sub-themes following last year’s Volcano Explorers and Prison Island sets, and Jungle Explorers does not disappoint. I have to admit that the abundance of Flame Yellowish Orange parts didn’t feel appropriate for vehicles that should be trying the blend into their surroundings, but the overall effect works very well in tandem with the black parts.

This set includes two vehicles, the half-track truck and a smaller ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The half-track truck is a straightforward build but enjoyable nonetheless, especially constructing rear wheels and track. The trickiest part is applying the stickers which may be a chore but they really do add significantly to the overall impact of the truck. The truck has a removable roof providing easy access, which is useful given that the doors are purely aesthetic. The vehicle also includes plenty of storage in the rear of the truck as well as a tow bar and chain. Overall this is an impressive looking vehicle and the bullbar and spotlights are really neat finishing touches.

60159 full set

The ATV is less impressive but the designers have done a great job of making this vehicle look like a scaled-down version of the half-track truck. It includes a light bluish grey removable crate containing accessories which includes a drumstick, metal detector, pan and camera.

Also included in 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission is a small campfire the set also includes a temple, which is a nice combination of vegetation, Tan and Pearl Gold parts. The temple includes a great play feature – using the chain on the truck to free the diamond embedded in the temple triggers a trap that unleashes a red spider.

The set includes two minifigures and both have wonderfully detailed, dual-printed torsos. The male minifigure includes a dark tan cap and the head is printed on one side sporting a smirk, stubble and a grazed cheek. The female minifigure includes brown hair and a dual-printed head – on one side a pleasant smile, and on the other a very concerned expression with beads of sweat for when she finds herself in a frightening predicament.

Which brings us to one of the highlights of the set – the panther. This a lovely looking part which is made all the more effective by the green printed eyes. The panther’s front legs are fixed but the rear legs are posable, adding to the playability as it allows it to be positioned as if mounting the truck.

60159 panther

The set, like most of the other sets in this sub-theme, comes with a Pearl Silver machete which looks great in the hands of the minifigures and is without doubt an essential accessory in the jungle.

In summary, the two vehicles, two minifigures, temple and panther give this set plenty to build and enough playability to ensure it is engaging.

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60159 Outdoor Shot

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