LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500 to be reissued in a new colour

The LEGO Group is seemingly gearing up to reissue last year’s Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500 in a brand new colour.

Promobricks has discovered a publicly-available security document on that reveals the existence of 77942 Fiat 500, a set that looks identical to 10271 Fiat 500 – only in light blue, rather than the cool yellow of the original model. The box art is also identical, save for colour-swapping the image of the Fiat 500 on the accompanying painting.

Both sets otherwise have the same piece count (960) and the same age recommendation of 16+. The original Creator Expert car was released shortly before the LEGO Group introduced its new 18+ label with 10273 Haunted House, and while subsequent vehicles in the LEGO for Adults range – including 10295 Porsche 911 – have come under that banner, the Fiat 500 reissue will apparently stay at 16+.

LEGO Creator Expert 77942 Fiat 500 00

It doesn’t seem like this is just a colour error with the source document, either: the new product number is also listed on the LEGO Group’s building instructions portal, suggesting it’s a genuine product that will be revealed (and presumably released) very shortly.

Whether this set will replace the original model or live alongside it on shelves remains to be seen. Either way, swapping out the colour scheme of an existing set (rather than releasing an entirely new model) is a virtually unprecedented move for the LEGO Group – but surely opens the door to future makeovers further down the line.

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