LEGO DC 76092 Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Harley Quinn review

The LEGO DC Super Heroes theme continues to be cute and wacky in this new Mighty Micros set, featuring comic book icons Batman and Harley Quinn

Price: £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 Pieces: 86 Available: Now

The last few years have seen several new themes become annual additions to the LEGO lineup. The Mighty Micros theme occupies an interesting space. They are all indeed licensed, but don’t adhere to any of the typical licensing conventions. They are cartoony versions of standard super hero characters, tooling around in tiny battle vehicles loosely based on various related source material.

As has been typical, this year sees releases from both the Marvel and DC universes. Despite having a second wave of both movie sets and a Collectible Minifigures line, Batman still finds time to make another appearance in 76092 Batman vs. Harley Quinn. This time around, Batman appears in a diminutive representation of the Batwing, with its design cues most notably derived from the 1989 film. There are a pair of cannons mounted at the side, and thrusters at the back. Batman himself is armed with a grappling hook.

On the other side of the equation we have Harley Quinn in her hot rod style car. While there’s not much special about the vehicle – aside from some nice shaping thanks to the Cars front ends – Harley herself sports the red and blue hair colours from the comics, and is armed with her trademark monster mallet. The technique used to create this hammer is an interesting one. Some readers may not be aware that there have been many mould changes for various elements through the years. The black Technic pin is one of those. Placing a 3m bar into one only works with newer versions of the part. Older Technic pins are much thicker, and therefore don’t have room to house the bar. These kinds of variations are handy to know about – but don’t just immediately assume that one version is better than another. In most cases, there is a reason to want multiple versions for differing occasions.

In terms of parts, there’s obviously not much here, although the vehicle bases can be put to interesting use elsewhere. Overall the set is cute, and the chibi-esque versions of the characters are fun to collect.

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