LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures distribution

This afternoon various Asian LEGO Facebook groups including Brick Finder have posted an image and run down of the box distribution for the upcoming LEGO Disney minifigure series. The good news is that each box should include three full sets, which I think is amazing news 🙂

The distribution is as follows:

  • Alien x4
  • Genie x4
  • Mickey x4
  • Mr. Incredible x4
  • Stitch x4
  • Syndrome x4
  • Aladdin x3
  • Alice x3
  • Ariel x3
  • Buzz Lightyear x3
  • Captain Hook x3
  • Cheshire Cat x3
  • Daisy Duck x3
  • Donald Duck x3
  • Maleficent x3
  • Minnie x3
  • Peter Pan x3
  • Ursula x3



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