LEGO DC Doctor Fate set rumoured for later this year

A new rumour has surfaced online suggesting that the first Doctor Fate minifigure and LEGO DC set might be coming later this year.

Instagram user lego_fulcrum is reporting that a future LEGO DC model could be based on the magical superhero Doctor Fate, with three posts on the platform potentially teasing what may be included. However, none of this information has been officially confirmed and should be treated with caution until an announcement from the LEGO Group has been made.

For the unfamiliar, Doctor Fate is a title that has been passed to multiple characters in the DC universe, with the superhero wearing a helmet and a blue and gold outfit and using magic to fight evil as an agent for the Lords of Order.

The first of three posts shared by the user featured a digital Doctor Fate minifigure from LEGO DC Super-Villains. The second added to this with an image of Doctor Fate’s Tower of Fate, using artwork created by Craig Hamilton.

Lego_fulcrum also shared that a small batman vehicle and minifigure should also be included in the reported set and stated in a comment that they believe it to be scheduled for release in March.

These rumours follow the same source suggesting that a $100 LEGO DC set was coming later this year. While these rumours have not been officially confirmed, those waiting for more LEGO DC sets can get their hands on the new The Batman models which are available now.

Featured image: Injustice

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