LEGO Education Professional Development gives teachers the tools for STEAM learning

The LEGO Group has announced a new LEGO Education program focused on giving teachers the tools they need to deliver playful STEAM lessons to kids.

LEGO Education Professional Development is a free online program that consists of two types of ‘self-guided learning modules’: Learning Bursts, which offer quick skills practice, and Learning Quests, which are geared towards deeper understanding and development of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) subjects.

Teachers can pick and choose courses across those two modules, with no predetermined order, to better fit the program to their specific needs. The remote sessions include videos of real classrooms and interviews with educators, demonstrating how to teach STEAM subjects in learning environments – whether in-person, physically distanced or virtual.

“We are excited to offer a new platform to support teachers’ professional development and equip them with strategies and skills to make STEAM learning playful,” said Esben Stærk, president of LEGO Education.

“When teachers are truly confident in playful hands-on learning, they deliver more motivating, engaging, and joyful learning experiences. Combine confident teachers and students together and the classroom becomes a place of endless possibilities limited only by their imagination and creativity.”

LEGO Education Professional Development 2

The program was designed in conjunction with classroom practitioners at the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Outreach, who supported LEGO Education’s aim to create a series of self-guided tutorials to better cater to individual educators’ teaching methods.

“As educators, we must build confidence in ourselves before we can build confidence in our students,” said Jennifer Rodabaugh, a STEAM Lab Teacher at Picadome Elementary in Lexington, Kentucky. “LEGO Education Professional Development offers any educator the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced teachers from anywhere.

“I can brush up on teaching techniques or coding during my lunch break or even from the comfort of my couch. The engaging and relevant courses not only develop teaching skills, but also build confidence using real-world classroom examples and best practices.”

Educators in the US can also access premium, paid resources, including full-day training from LEGO Education staff (either virtual or on-site) and personalised coaching for individual staff members. To find out more about LEGO Education Professional Development, check out LEGO Education’s official website.

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