LEGO fan builds a bridge-building machine from Technic pieces

This fan-made LEGO construction could mean that your biggest creations can be built while you’re not even in the same room.

LEGO YouTuber The Brick Wall creates various mechanical machines out of LEGO bricks, from a working hay-baler to a tapas factory. With his latest creation, perhaps he’ll soon be out of a job, as it can actually build LEGO bridges itself.

The machine is made out of LEGO Technic parts with telescoping support towers and a dual installation mechanism. With minifigures observing from the top, it can place down the towers and lay down a track and some plates along the top on its own, creating a bridge for LEGO vehicles to trundle across.

The machine works in sections, rotating 90 degrees at regular intervals to slowly lower down towers to take the weight of both itself and the bridge it’s constructing. Once a tower is firmly in place, more guidance tracks extend out so that the core machine can continue its work.

The final product spans six feet across and is roughly 20 inches tall. The entire build is made up of about 18,000 bricks and took eight weeks for the YouTuber to create.

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Rachael Davies

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