LEGO fan builds his own prosthetic arm

An 18 year old school goer has built his own prosthetic arm, using LEGO Technic elements.

David Aguilar has an amazing story. His right arm never fully developed, leaving him with limitations using it. Since he was a young child, he has been building full right arms with LEGO pieces that fit around the limb. Now, using LEGO Technic pieces, he has built a prosthetic arm with useful functionality that he can wear to school.

Nerdist has covered David’s story, with this video that allowing him to share his experience of building his own LEGO prosthesis. Using a battery and motors, he has built his most successful prosthetic arm yet, impressing his friends and teachers.

This is not the first time that the worlds of LEGO pieces and prosthetics have come together. In Blocks magazine Issue 15, Carlos Arturo Torres discussed how he has come up with a prosthetic that child amputees could customise with LEGO bricks, improving the lives of children in Columbia who had suffered as a result of growing up around conflict.


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