LEGO Creator Expert 40532 Vintage Taxi gift-with-purchase review

LEGO Creator Expert 40532 Vintage Taxi is available as a gift-with-purchase from January 28 online and in-store, and comes in as a neat addition to any LEGO for Adults collection.

Presumably designed to tie in with the newly-released 10297 Boutique Hotel, 40532 Vintage Taxi is a gift-with-purchase that is available from January 28 (or International LEGO Day) at and in LEGO Stores, with purchases over £200 / $200 / €200 of any LEGO products, until February 13 (or while stocks last).

It’s a little puzzling to set the expected qualifying spend above the price of 10297 Boutique Hotel, when otherwise you can see how the two sets are twinned. Indeed, there’s a lot about the design of 40532 Vintage Taxi that is very specific to the aesthetic of the latest modular building, and that makes it a very interesting gift-with-purchase.

Built as a one-seater, six-stud-wide LEGO car, 40532 Vintage Taxi takes clear inspiration from the 1930s era of car design, with the large front grill and sweeping bodywork over the front wheels in particular, punctuated by the striking black and yellow colour scheme. It has been built in a simple but smart way and does open up inspiration for a fleet of re-coloured classic cars.

For its focus on a completely different era of car design it’s a stand-out LEGO car set for any collection and stylistically (and purposefully) fits perfectly outside 10297 Boutique Hotel, ready to shepherd guests to and from the grand setting.

The inclusion of the doughnut thief from 10278 Police Station as the cab driver suggests there’s little money in stealing pastries these days, or is he the passenger waiting for what would then be an automated taxi, and then paying in doughnuts?

Either way, it’s a nice touch to at least change out the character’s torso and legs, so you don’t get a completely identical minifigure to one that is in a Creator Expert set you may have just recently picked up (or might be to get this gift-with-purchase).

40532 Vintage Taxi is available from Friday, January 28 through February 13 (or while stocks last) with purchases at or from the LEGO Store over £200 / $200 / €200. Would it be worth that expenditure? It’s an interesting and high-quality gift-with-purchase, but is rather specific in taste, appeal and potential use it may have to someone’s collection.

As an add-on for anyone contemplating 10297 Boutique Hotel or 10278 Police Station, it’s fantastic, but it’s probably otherwise not something you’ll be rushing to spend £200 / $200 / €200 on to specifically get.

This set was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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