LEGO Friends 41389 Ice Cream Cart

Frozen treats are on offer at LEGO Friends 41389 Ice Cream Cart

Price: £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99  Pieces: 97  Available: Now

Stephanie is selling frozen treats to the residents of Heartlake City, pulling her ice cream cart around using her scooter. As the weather warms up, such a build feels all the more relevant – is it one worth adding to the collection?

LEGO Friends 41389 Ice Cream Cart 2

Big builds are usually more exciting than small builds, that is pretty clear. Small builds can be impressive though and that is the case with 41389 Ice Cream Cart. The set is exactly what a small ice cream stand should be.

The Bow Bottom piece serves as the basis of the ice cream stand, which is built around it. Matching the colour of the awning and the underside of the counetr is a great touch. In fact, the whole colour scheme is perfect for the subject matter.

While ice cream cones have been around for a long time, the use of the paddle piece for lollipops is quite inventive. The scooter is the scooter, in a nice blue.

Stephanie has a nice, summery outfit that feels appropriate for this set and it is good to see that the dog will keep her company during long days selling scoops.

Little sets like this really enchance and expand a layout, so fans of Friends and/or City should consider adding this great value model to their display.

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