LEGO Harry Potter sets rumoured for 2022

Looking forward to next year, rumours are already circulating for what LEGO Harry Potter sets might be coming in 2022.

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the first film starring the boy wizard, the LEGO Group have had a busy year full of commemorative Harry Potter models and various fresh takes on the beloved franchise. According to rumours via Promobricks, it seems still more sets could be hitting shop shelves next year.

Promobricks has revealed product names, numbers, piece counts, and prices for four rumoured sets. Two of them are more Hogwarts Moments sets, similar to the house-themed builds, 76382 Transfiguration Class, 76383 Potions Class, 76384 Herbology Class and 76385 Charms Class.

Once again, these sets will focus on classes at the wizarding school: 75396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class, with 297 pieces, and 75397 Hogwarts Moment: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class, with 257 pieces. Promobricks reports that they will both retail for €29.99, which would likely come out as £27.99 in the UK, judging by the prices of the existing Hogwarts moments sets.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments Collection 11

There are also two more sets rumoured for next year, 75398 Hospital Wing and 75399 Hogwarts Suitcase. The first will apparently expand the more detailed sets of the school, taking us into the room where Harry has recovered from various magical maladies, in a 510-piece build selling for € 39.99.

The second is a model in line with the LEGO Group’s recent move to more adult-focused, displayable sets. It’s a suitcase that is supposed to be able to be locked with a lock and key. LEGO Harry Potter fans will be able to customise the outside according to their chosen house, much like the scarf element in 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition.

Inside, the wonder continues as various scenes from the movies can allegedly be recreated, from the Sorting Ceremony to different common rooms from all the houses. This set will be made up of 603 bricks and cost €49.99.

As always, these rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed officially by the LEGO Group. If they are true, all four sets are expected to come out on January 1, 2022, according to Promobricks.

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