LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith officially revealed

The LEGO Group has officially unveiled its latest LEGO Ideas set, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, which calls back to the glory days of Classic Castle.

The final product is a pretty radical departure from Clemens Fiedler’s original design, opting for a more refined aesthetic with a completely different approach to the roof. It’s still very clearly a medieval blacksmith, though, imbuing architectural details of the Middle Ages – from the timber-framed walls to the gothic lattice windows.

Alongside the main structure, which is set over three floors, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith includes an apple tree, garden, horse and cart, glowing forge (thanks to a well-placed light brick) and four minifigures – two of which very explicitly reference a Classic Castle subtheme. LEGO designers Wes Talbott and Austin Carlson were responsible for transforming Fiedler’s design into an official set, which rings in at 2,164 pieces – the most ever included in a castle-themed LEGO set.

“I love building classical house designs and honouring all the great attention to detail you can recreate with LEGO elements – especially medieval architecture styles, colours and design,” Fiedler said. “I hope fellow LEGO fans will enjoy travelling back in time, sense the heat, sounds and smells from the forge and anvil, and soak up the atmosphere of this classical creative craft as they build the set.”

Just like the sets in the Modular Buildings Collection, each storey in the main cottage can lift away, revealing a well-equipped workshop, living quarters, kitchen, bedroom and even a bearskin rug.

“Designing the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith set has been an exciting journey, taking us back hundreds of years to celebrate one of the true heroes of the Middle Ages,” said Design Manager Samuel Thomas Liltorp Johnson. “Telling the story of the blacksmith caught our imagination, and the rest was history.

“We loved the idea of creating a small blacksmith’s house on the outskirts of the medieval world, where every knight goes for a set of shining armour. Without doubt, fans will be fascinated by the workings of the forge, the architectural details and the characters they find there when they build this set.”

While Pirates and Space have both enjoyed recent resurgences (or tributes) through sets like 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay and 31107 Space Rover Explorer, the LEGO Group’s other traditional theme has been left largely by the wayside. It looks like Castle will finally enjoy its moment in the spotlight in 2021, however, through both 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and – potentially – a rumoured Creator 3-in-1 castle set.

21325 Medieval Blacksmith will launch on February 1 for £134.99 / $149.99 / €146.99. While you wait, make sure to check out the full gallery of lifestyle images, and take a closer look at the included minifigures – and how they call back to the heady days of Classic Castle. Then, come back to Brick Fanatics at 6pm tomorrow, when we’ll be bringing you our verdict on the LEGO Group’s return to one of its oldest themes.

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