LEGO Ideas reveals results of third 2020 review

The LEGO Ideas team has revealed the results of the third 2020 review, confirming that just one of the 25 projects in contention will be turned into an official set.

That honour goes to Sandro Quattrini’s Motorized Lighthouse, which becomes the seventh LEGO Ideas set currently in production. Lighthouses are by no means new territory for the LEGO Group – they’re practically 10 a penny in the LEGO CITY theme – but the Ideas team says the model’s ‘incredible details’ and scale were enough to give it the green light.

While we’ll have to wait to see how the LEGO Ideas crew translates Sandro’s concept into an official set, LEGO Ideas Design Manager Sam Johnson revealed at the recent LEGO Fan Media event that we can expect to see the motorised component to the build carried into the final model.

LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse featured

“This one is pretty interesting for us, having some great experience with 21323 Grand Piano, which was [LEGO Ideas’] first try at an electronic LEGO set,” he explained. “It’s a really cool experience to see this light moving around – it really brings it to life.”

Sam also expanded on some of the potential routes the team could take with Sandro’s build, offering at least some idea of what the finished model might look like.

“There’s loads of options for us with this set,” he said. “It’s quite a dramatic location – you can imagine rain and crashing waves, but [it could] also be quite serene and quite a beautiful location as well. We really want to deliver on detail, and just some really great building techniques and the experience with our electronics.”

LEGO Ideas Third 2020 review results

This marks the end of the line for the other 24 projects in the third 2020 review, including 21324 123 Sesame Street fan designer Ivan Guerrero’s Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora and LEGO MASTERS UK contestant Tom Gerardin’s Wallace & Gromit. Check out the full list here.

For more on Sandro’s Motorized Lighthouse, read how the design caught the eye of the Ideas team before it had even cracked 10K, and how the LEGO Group plans to add ‘something exceptional’ to the original concept before bringing it to shelves.

The results of the first 2021 review – which contains an incredible 57 different LEGO Ideas projects – will be shared in autumn 2021.

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