LEGO IKEA deals – save 10% on display solutions

Wicked Brick has discounted by 10% their entire range of LEGO IKEA display solutions, including Kallax display windows and minifigure podiums.

The UK-based display solutions company who ship worldwide are running a flash promotion across the weekend offering a 10% discount on all items from their unique IKEA display range.

Click through any of the affiliate links on this page to view the full range of LEGO IKEA display solutions currently reduced by 10% at Wicked Brick.

Running until the end of Monday night, the reductions apply to items including their unique display windows for the IKEA Kallax storage unit, which we recently took an in-depth look at in a review.

These windows are designed to fit on to the front and back of a Kallax display cube, transforming the uniform shelving unit into a fitted, dust-proof display cabinet. Read Brick Fanatics’ guide on how to install one of these display windows to get a better understanding of how they do just that.

Similarly, included in the deal are Wicked Brick’s backplate images for the Kallax and Detolf storage units, offering themed backgrounds to tie in with what you choose to put on display.

Also included in Wicked Brick’s IKEA display range are LEGO minifigure storage shelves designed to fit perfectly within a Kallax storage unit cube or a Detolf storage cabinet shelf. There are also similar items to display BrickHeadz for either storage unit (Kallax here, Detolf here), as well as a two-tier podium display unit for either (Kallax here, Detolf here).

This sale only runs through the weekend and to the end of Monday, or while stocks last.

Browse the full range of LEGO IKEA display solutions currently reduced by 10% at Wicked Brick by clicking through on any of the affiliate links on this page, and at the same time support the work that Brick Fanatics does.

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