LEGO Marvel 40334 Avengers Tower review

LEGO Marvel 40334 Avengers Tower is available until May 2 with qualifying LEGO store or purchases – what do you get free for a spend of £75?

Price: Gift with purchase of £75 / $75 / €75 Pieces: 211 Available: April 19-May 2 (or while stocks last)

For the next two weeks, or for as long as stocks last, any LEGO Marvel Super Heroes purchase of £75 or more at or in an official LEGO store will qualify to receive a free Avengers Tower set with exclusive Tony Stark minifigure.

For the qualifying spend required, the set you receive comes in at a decent piece count, offers a unique model for a more dedicated LEGO Avengers fan, and, for the true minifigure completist, an excellent minifigure design of Tony Stark midway through the process of suiting up.

It’s a SNOT (Studs Not On Top)-heavy design that recreates Stark Tower at microscale, with the added bonus of sitting on a black stand that includes a position for the included minifigure to stand on.

For a gift with Marvel purchases of £75 or more and even if it does resemble the Fortnite supply llama, it compares well to other, similar LEGO promotional items, particularly the just-ended LEGO Star Wars box of well-circulated, undesirable polybags offered with qualifying spends of £85.

Considering that any purchases of £35 / $35 / €35 also qualify to receive a free Captain Marvel illustrated print, and there are plenty of highly desirable Marvel sets out at the moment, this review is rather redundant, just, when you do order it, please do so through our affiliate links so that you can support the work that we do at Brick Fanatics.

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