LEGO Monkie Kid 80023 Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter revealed

The next set in the LEGO Monkie Theme, which will be part of the 2021 range, has been revealed as 80023 Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter.

Monkie Kid and his friends will continue to be up against the Spider Queen next year, as has been revealed in the first set from the theme due for release in 2021. 80023 Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter will be part of a seven set wave will launch on March 1.

The set includes a new Quadcopter vehicle that is the main attraction, with what looks to be a room for the Monkie Kid team and one for the Spider Queen.

LEGO Monkie Kid 80023 Monkie Kids Team Quadcopter

“We are excited and proud of unveiling new products at the CIIE for the third year in a row,” says Paul Huang, Senior Vice President of the LEGO Group and General Manager of LEGO China. “All these novelties are rooted firmly with the Chinese culture and values, and provide a common ground for children and families to build and play together. By doing this, we can bring the LEGO play closer to the hearts of Chinese consumers and support the children with learning through play experiences.

“We want to celebrate children’s creativity at our booth and provide the visitors the opportunity to see the world through the kids’ eyes. The LEGO System in Play is a fantastic platform for playful expression, unlocking kids’ endless creativity and inspiring a constant cycle of building, unbuilding and rebuilding.”

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