LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS may be John Lewis exclusive in 2018

Rumours suggest that the new sets in the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS theme will only be available from John Lewis stores in 2018.

The first rumours about the future of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS appeared back in April, with Blocks magazine suggesting that the theme may be on the fast road to cancellation. Hasty retractions from other websites reporting the news suggested that NEXO KNIGHTS was in robust health, with nothing unusual occuring.

But as is often the case with rumoured information, the gist of the original titbit was correct. Information received by Brick Fanatics suggests that the final wave of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS sets, due in 2018, will be exclusive to John Lewis in the UK. An entire theme being given as an exclusive to one retailer is rarely – if ever – the LEGO Group’s intention, and usually indicates the demise of an under performing line.


The new sets rumoured to be part of theme are:

72001 Lance’s Hiver Jouster

72002 Twinfector

72003 Berserker Bomber

72004 Tech WiZard

72005 X-bow

72006 Axl’s Rolling Arsenal

The original LEGO Batman theme saw the final year of products exclusively released at the LEGO Store and the final three sets in the LEGO Games theme were also exclusive to the branded retailer.


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