LEGO NINJAGO Garmadon volume 1 teases more to come

The first volume of the LEGO NINJAGO Garmadon comic has a teaser at the end, potentially hinting at future comics to come. 

With the first volume of the LEGO NINJAGO Garmadon comic series now available on the official online store, featuring a fan-voted cover design, some copies of the volume have arrived with NINJAGO enthusiasts. 

As we reported, there is extra content in this volume with some pages of concept art as well as a teaser at the end of the book. Showcased by Masters of Brickjitzu, the teaser includes Garmadon from the series with a tagline stating that he will return. 

Image: Masters of Brickjitzu

It’s entirely possible that this is hinting at the appearance of Garmadon in a NINJAGO season, such as Crystalized which may time better with the original publication of the comic series. However, given that the volume only launched, it may be a conscious decision to tease more Garmadon comics in the future. 

At the time of writing, what this teaser could mean is unconfirmed, though the volume also states that the Garmadon series is the first collaboration between the LEGO Group and Skybound Entertainment. You can read our review of the first issue by clicking here and buy the volume from the official online store now for £10.99 / $12.99 / €12.99.

The future of LEGO NINJAGO overall is rumoured to include a wave of sets as well as another expansion to NINJAGO City

Every LEGO NINJAGO set rumoured for 2023

LEGO set Price Pieces Release date 
71777 Kai Dragon Power Tornado Spinjitzu€9.9972March 2023
71778 Nya Dragon Power Drifting Spinjitzu €9.9957March 2023
71779 Lloyd Dragon Power Spinjitzu Cyclone €9.9956March 2023
71789 Kai and Ras Car and Motorcycle BattleTBC103Summer 2023
71790 Imperium Dragon Slayer HoundTBC198Summer 2023
71791 Zane Dragon Power Spinjitzu Competition Sport CarTBC307Summer 2023
71792 Sora’s Mecca Transformable Racing BikeTBC384Summer 2023
71793 Heatwave Transforming Lava DragonTBC479Summer 2023
71794 Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team MechsTBC764Summer 2023
71795 Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores$901,038TBC
71796 Elemental Dragon vs. Empress MechsTBC1,038Summer 2023
71797 Ninja Assault Ship: Race Against TimeTBC1,739Summer 2023
71798 Nya and Arin’s Baby Dragon Battle$29.99TBCJune 2023
71799 NINJAGO City Markets$369.996,163June 2023

Featured image: Masters of Brickjitzu

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