LEGO NINJAGO Kai avoids arrest in Austria

The LEGO NINJAGO character Kai was stopped by the Police in Austria as a result of a new law banning face coverings.

A complaint was made to the Police in Vienna, Austria, that a red LEGO ninja was wearing a face covering. The recently introduced laws, widely understood to be intended as a burqa ban, included other face coverings to avoid religious prejudice but has resulted in confusion. USA Today, rather than Good Morning NINJAGO, reported the news:

Police rushed to the toy store after receiving a complaint that a red Lego Ninja was violating a ban on wearing face coverings, leading to a “heated” argument, Kronen Zeitung newspaper reported.


Thankfully, ‘Kai’ avoided a fine as the costume was all part of a day’s work.

No fines were issued to the woman wearing the costume after she took off the head covering, the Vienna police said on Twitter, because concealment of the face was within the scope of “professional occupation.”

This is not the first case that has been ridiculed as a result of the new law, the USA Today article reports.

On October 11, a university student on her way home was stopped by police in Vienna and fined because her scarf covered her face. German news weekly Fokus reported that police issued the fine because the 28-year-old argued about the law and found it “laughable,” an account the student disputes.

Authorities suspect that some of the calls to police come from people trying to make a point about the new law.


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