LEGO NINJAGO modular building rumoured for 2022

A smaller-scale follow-up to LEGO 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens is rumoured to be on the way in 2022.

The surprise launch of the NINJAGO Legacy set in January saw the LEGO Group return to the format established by 70620 NINJAGO City and 70657 NINJAGO City Docks – but it now looks like that 5,685-piece model won’t be a one-off, and may instead be the first in a regular series of NINJAGO-inspired modular buildings.

That’s because Eurobricks user Legofania claims that another set in the same vein as those three massive buildings will arrive in 2022, albeit on a slightly reduced scale. The rumoured model will apparently come in at roughly $120, and contain around 1,300 pieces, which would make it the smallest NINJAGO modular to date.

If that is the case, we can probably expect it to scale back from the 32×32 and 32×48 footprints of its predecessors, possibly sitting on a 16×32 baseplate. But given the eye-watering costs of previous NINJAGO modular buildings – both at retail in 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens, and on the aftermarket in 70620 NINJAGO City and 70657 NINJAGO City Docks – a cheaper entry point into the line (or addition to any growing layout) would be nothing to sniff at.

For now, take this rumour with a very heavy pinch of salt. Based on the wider popularity of the modular building format, though – and the secondary market prices for the retired NINJAGO buildings – we wouldn’t be too surprised to see the LEGO Group continue this subtheme in 2022.

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