LEGO prospects from Battlefront II teaser

The first Star Wars Battlefront II teaser trailer has leaked ahead of Star Wars Celebration, leaving it open to speculation on any possible LEGO tie-ins.

The 2015 video game Star Wars Battlefront release coincided with the production of two LEGO Star Wars battlepacks clearly based on the playable rebels and Imperial stormtroopers, 75133 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack and 75134 Galactic Empire Battle Pack.

Whilst there is no confirmation about the LEGO Group’s plans to release any sets to tie in with EA’s sequel, Battlefront II, we can still wildly speculate about what could be possible.

Now is our first opportunity to do so, as EA has inadvertently debuted a first teaser trailer for Battlefront II. It was expected to play first at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, the four-day event that is packed full of Star Wars activities and news, but was apparently posted on the EA Twitter account for a split-second long enough for people to catch it.


The Battlefront II teaser is short, with signs now that we’ll get a longer trailer during the weekend, but it indicates that the game’s setting will include playable content based on all three Star Wars movie eras – the prequel trilogy, original trilogy and sequel trilogy – with heroes previewed from Darth Maul and Yoda to Rey and Kylo Ren.


This in itself doesn’t narrow down the potential for any LEGO sets based within this video game galaxy far, far away, but, confirmation of the long-rumoured single player campaign story mode does, as it looks to be based at least in part on a new character, an Imperial fighter pilot, or officer.


The character’s journey looks set to kick off from the moment the Death Star II is destroyed at the end of Episode VI, so it could be standalone narrative outside of the films, and one that perhaps follows the early steps of the First Order towards where we find them in Episode VII as the galaxy’s greatest threat once more.


Or perhaps our character starts off in the Empire and its remnants that develop into the First Order, only to switch sides to the Resistance (could that launch image with the blue on one side of the central character and the red on the other side be a hint?). This would open up the possibility of both sides of the battle represented in one or more LEGO sets.


Something that should raise hopes of a LEGO set is the glimpse at a brand new ship design in the video game’s trailer. This could be the campaign playable character’s mode of transport and it could prove a viable brick candidate.


It wouldn’t be the first time we’d get a ship based on a Star Wars video game. The Force Unleashed spawned 7672 Rogue Shadow, whilst The Old Republic also enjoyed a handful of similar releases (mostly desirable for the minifigures, though).

We have a while to go yet, as Battlefront II is due for release in the autumn, meaning any LEGO sets based on it would follow in the January 2017 wave of releases.

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