LEGO reveals what to expect in future BrickLink Designer Program rounds

BrickLink CEO Marvin Park has offered some insight into what information we might expect to find out before future BrickLink Designer Program rounds go live.

Just 24 hours before Round 1 of the program began, we were largely left in the dark about what to expect ahead of the crowdfunding actually opening. Before pre-orders were officially available, some digging on the official LEGO website did reveal prices ahead of the launch and Stonewars worked out the piece counts for all the sets.

Moving forward, Marvin Park shared some insights with LEGO Fan Media (including Brick Fanatics) about what information might be available to prospective buyers ahead of future rounds.

“As soon as we have the final designs, we will reveal…them transparently to the fans, so that they will see how the product will look like,” explained Marvin.

He also said it’s ‘possible’ that model prices will also be made available before rounds go live, but he made no promises.

“Surprisingly, we could [only] finalise the price of the product just a couple of days before we began crowdfunding for Round 1,” said Marvin. “That’s because we had to factor in all the manufacturing costs and everything and logistics to secure the price point.”

If prices are confirmed similarly last-minute for future rounds, that would make it just as hard as in Round 1 for LEGO fans the chance to make purchasing decisions in advance. Only time will tell if the LEGO Group and BrickLink will take some of the feedback from the AFOL community on board in this matter.

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