We still don’t know key details about LEGO’s BrickLink Designer Program

With just 24 hours to go until the first BrickLink Designer Program crowdfunding phase kicks off, there’s still so much we don’t know about the plan to bring back rejected LEGO Ideas projects.

Last-minute changes to designs and sets getting shelved are currently the defining stories of the BrickLink Designer Program, which begins its first round of crowdfunding tomorrow – with details on the specifics of the sets available for pre-order largely thin on the ground.

For instance, we don’t yet have prices for each of the seven remaining models, making it impossible to plan which (if any) of the sets to back. While that’s often the norm for crowdfunding projects, making a snap decision tomorrow could prove problematic given the limited number of sets available.

Only the first five projects to hit 3,000 pre-orders will go into production, and they’ll then max out at 5,000 copies each. If you’re not on the button at 4pm UK time – when pre-orders begin – and able to decide very quickly which set (or sets) you’d like to back, you could end up missing out altogether.

Even beyond the prices of each of the sets, we don’t yet have confirmation of basic details such as their final piece counts – or how they’ll be packaged. Will we see unique boxes, as per the original AFOL Designer Program in 2019, or will they simply be shipped as bags of parts in plain cardboard packaging?

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the crowdfunding round as it sits right now, however, is that the seven confirmed models still come with the caveat that the ‘final product may vary’. That’s not ideal given BrickLink and the LEGO Group are asking fans to pre-order what could end up being comparatively expensive sets (at least based on the prices from the AFOL Designer Program).

Regardless, it seems at this stage that we’ll likely have to wait until pre-orders open tomorrow to learn the prices for these seven projects. Whether the packaging, piece counts and finalised designs are confirmed at the same time remains to be seen. We’ll keep you updated.

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