LEGO, SEGA and Viv Grannell discuss Sonic Mania on Bits N’ Bricks podcast

The LEGO Group, SEGA and fan creator Viv Grannell have discussed the recently-announced Sonic Mania set in a special episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast.

The LEGO Ideas team revealed that Grannell’s project had been given the green light as part of the second 2020 review results last week. The model had originally been part of the first 2020 review, but the LEGO Group apparently needed a little more time to decide whether it was doable.

You can now hear from all three parties involved in bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to life in LEGO bricks in the latest episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast. Brian Crecente and Ethan Vincent’s series is designed to celebrate 25 years of LEGO video games, so they couldn’t let the announcement of a new video game-inspired LEGO set pass them by.

Listen to Grannell, LEGO Ideas Design Manager Sam Johnson and SEGA’s Director of Marketing Jon Choon discuss the project’s development and approval by hitting play on the video above, or streaming the latest Bits N’ Bricks episode through your preferred podcasting platform.

Last week’s episode focused on the past, present and future of TT Games, including the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (which will apparently be a ‘flag-bearer’ for LEGO video games going forward). Pending any more surprise episodes, next week’s should be the first in a two-part special on the massively-multiplayer online game LEGO Universe.

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