LEGO sets turn up at UK discount store B&M Bargains

It looks like B&M Bargains, the discount retail chain, are now stocking LEGO products.

A stand full of LEGO sets has been spotted in the discount retailer B&M Bargains, suggesting that the beloved bricks are going to become part of the chain’s toy range. The selection of LEGO sets included Creator, City, Friends and Duplo. Although B&M is known as a discount retailer, usually selling heavily discounted clearance toys, the LEGO sets were all priced at the usual RRP.


Only one LEGO product is available on the B&M website, The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures Series 2. Surprisingly, LEGO compatible base plates and bricks, that come close to the ‘clone brand’ category, are also available to order from the website. The LEGO Group stopped supplying the retail chain Wilko after the company introduced its own brick building brand.

This development will cause concern among toy retailers, as there is a worry that B&M Bargains and other discounters change the perception of a product’s value – if they sell LEGO sets cheaply, consumers will always expect them to be cheap. As the LEGO Group has always taken steps to protect the brand, and wholesale prices are set according to each region, it is unlikely that B&M will end up offering any greater discounts than Amazon currently do.


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