LEGO Speed Champions 75882 Ferrari FXX K & Development Center review

The LEGO Speed Champions theme expands to include a design, development and test centre – and it’s not just for Ferrari

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From the offset, I was really looking forward to tearing open the box and beginning this build. The images on the box are really appealing, in particular the centrepiece of this set – the minifigure-scale Ferrari FXX K car, which is the first phase of the build.

The Ferrari FXX K car is a really satisfying build, and once complete it does stand up to scrutiny when compared to the image of the vehicle on back of the box. The designers have done an excellent job of capturing the shape of the car and the application of the stickers add another level of detail, which completes the build nicely. I’d advise spending time on applying the stickers carefully to ensure that they complement the lines of the vehicle, and some are admittedly tricky; I found the trickiest to be the Ferrari logo stickers on the 1×1 cheese slopes.

ferrari full set

I believe that the 2×2 wedge plates used on the side of the vehicle are new for 2017, as well as the 1×2 corner plates used on the bonnet, which I’m looking forward to using in my own builds. The doors on each side of the vehicle work well but are purely aesthetic. Lifting the canopy provides easy access to the cockpit so that the driver can be placed in the vehicle for test drives, and the set comes with two sets of hub caps, which are a nice finishing touch.

The first part of the development centre build contains a 3D printer, engine test area – which includes an exhaust extractor – and a design area with a revolving whiteboard with a design sketch and graph either side. The engine is a really neat build that looks very effective, especially when the stickers are added, but my favourite part of this section is the 3D printer and the wonderful use of a red roller skate piece, which represents a model version of the vehicle itself.

ferrari side

The final part of the build is the rolling wind tunnel, which is also a satisfying build incorporating gear mechanisms enabling the turbine to move and the rollers to rotate. The rolling road can be adjusted where the front wheels sit, so that other Speed Champions vehicles can also be tested, adding to the playability of this set. The mechanism works well and the rollers for the rear wheels do move at pace, giving a real sense of a rolling road.

The folding ramp includes a jumper plate in the middle, which allows the exhaust extractor from the engine test area to be relocated to protect the design and development team from the fumes – which brings us nicely to the minifigures.

The set comes with four minifigures – a Ferrari driver, two engineers and a technician. I love the minifigures in this set, all of which have torsos printed on both sides. The driver is the only minifigure with a dual-printed head, and the accessories include a tablet and a metallic silver spanner/screwdriver, which is another new part for 2017 (in this colour).

This is a great set, which I’m sure will be enjoyed by both Speed Champions collectors and LEGO lovers alike. The appeal of this set is not only the star of the show, the Ferrari FXX K, but also the playability of the design and test areas, which aren’t only well executed, but are also fun to play with. In summary, a great value set with a lovely looking vehicle, a nice range of minifigures and a generous amount of playability for the next generation of vehicle designers and engineers.

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