All three new LEGO Marvel Spider-Man figures officially revealed

The US online store has revealed the prices and release dates for the upcoming Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Venom brick-built figures. 

We now have confirmation that the three 60th-anniversary Spider-Man figures are launching on September 1, at least in one region. The trio of 76225 Miles Morales Figure, 76226 Spider-Man Figure and 76230 Venom Figure have been added to in the US, confirming further details and revealing more images for each model. 

Each figure will cost $24.99. Venom includes 297 pieces while Miles has 238 and Spider-Man uses 258. Venom’s higher piece count may be due to his unique design with an extended jaw and tongue. 

These listings are only live on the official online store in the US at the time of writing, but it seems likely that these models will launch at the same time in Europe and the UK, but this has not been confirmed just yet. 

Their previous reveal confirmed that these figures are designed to tie in with the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man, which is in August 2022. They launch just after that date on September 1 in the US, but are arguably still close enough to be part of the celebrations. 

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