LEGO Star Wars 30381 Imperial TIE Fighter at Wal*Mart

The new Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO polybag, 30381 Imperial TIE Fighter, will be available at Wal*Mart.

An upcoming mini [geot exclude_country=”United States”]LEGO Star Wars[/geot][geot country=”United States”]LEGO Star Wars[/geot] polybag set was recently revealed to be 30381 Imperial TIE Fighter. Rebelscum reveals that the set will be available for $3.97 at Wal*Mart, possibly also intended as part of a free-with-purchase promotion.

The Empire’s most recognisable starfighter is made up of just 42 pieces, with a different build method to previous minaturised versions of the vehicle.

As is common with movie launches, 30381 Imperial TIE Fighter complements the regular retail set, 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter, that will be released as part of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story range. Due to the time period that the stand alone film will be set in, between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, the Empire will feature significantly as well as the galaxy’s scum and villainy.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released on May 25. The LEGO Star Wars sets based on the film will launch on April 20. The current range of LEGO Star Wars sets are available at [geot exclude_country=”United States”][/geot][geot country=”United States”][/geot].


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