LEGO Star Wars 76351 Spider Tank’s missing feature could expose flaw in design process

LEGO Star Wars 75361 Spider Tank is missing one key feature from The Mandalorian that could be part of the lengthy design process.


75361 Spider Tank includes one of the best Bo-Katan minifigures to date, as well as the LEGO Group’s first dedicated Darksaber element. However, one element of the design appears to be missing: the alien creature that exists inside the tank itself.

The reason for this could well lie in the long design process of such sets. When the LEGO Group works with huge franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, approval for set designs needs to go through two, if not more, parties. As such, the LEGO Group will often get limited information about the locations and creatures depicted, essentially meaning that the LEGO designers need to create a set without seeing the final version it will be compared against.

It could well be that an earlier version of the Spider Tank was just that: a droid tank, without any alien element making it the cyborg that it is in the show. Indeed, the red organic eye contrasting with the enormous metal body is part of what makes the spider-like creature so terrifying.

The two red studs on the front of 75361 Spider Tank could be an attempt to recreate the eye and the creature inside the tank, but. overall it appears to look much like a regular enormous droid, missing that hint of life inside. Nonetheless, the flaw is likely an unavoidable part of the design process and the two minifigures more than make up for the lack of accuracy in the brick-built beast.

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