LEGO Store Leicester Square 40308 Lester minifigure spotlight

After causing much consternation for fans when the LEGO Store Leicester Square opened in London, Lester the minifigure mascot is back – this time in a polybag

Price: £5.99 Pieces: 5 Available: Now

Meet Lester. This Britain loving minifigure is the mascot for the LEGO Store Leicester Square, the UK’s flagship branded store. 40308 Lester allows visitors at the store to get a unique souvenir that is – so far – completely exclusive to the London location.

40308 Lester (6)

The character of Lester was never actually intended to become a physical LEGO product, he was only planned to appear on promotional imagery. As the character and design became popular, it was decided that a small number of blister carded Lester minifigures would be given away to mark the opening of the LEGO Store Leicester Square.

It was a classic case of a LEGO promotional opportunity causing more frustration than fun, as fans were disappointed not be able to get a piece of the Lester action. Now, 40308 Lester makes up for the initial shortage and gives LEGO lovers the opportunity to own the Union Jack sporting minifigure.

Priced at £5.99, the polybag is more expensive than a standard minifigure – but then again, everything is marked up in the capital, so perhaps it just adds to the central London shopping experience. Those looking for a memento of a visit to the LEGO Store Leicester Square or fans who enjoy collecting unique minifigures should track this chap down.

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  • 04/10/2017 at 18:40

    I would love to get one of those, I guess I have to wait until is available in Bricklink for a reasonable price


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