LEGO is considering launching a subscription service with access to retired sets

The LEGO Group’s latest VIP survey suggests it’s considering launching a subscription service that would allow fans to buy retired sets.

The survey includes two different potential programs, both of which include similar benefits but different features. Among the proposed incentives for signing up are the ability to buy past sets from the LEGO archive, free gifts with every purchase, free delivery at, early access to LEGO products and access to limited-edition products.

Both services would also allow subscribers to unlock exclusive rewards based on their interactions with LEGO, and even return used bricks for VIP points and discounts on future purchases. They differ slightly elsewhere, though: one would offer alternative building instructions for sets and behind-the-scenes info, while the other would include STEAM-focused courses, workshops and talks.

LEGO Subscription Service VIP survey rewards

The features available through each subscription program also differ: the first includes a way to track your collection digitally, with a service that seemingly blends Brickset and Rebrickable to point to specific sets you’ll need to dismantle to take part in building challenges. It also floats the idea of a LEGO account and LEGO wallet, which would bring together building instructions, games, rewards and more across two different apps.

The second subscription service instead offers master classes from ‘leading LEGO experts’, a creative profile test to inspire new ideas, suggestions for group challenges and games, and something called ‘play albums’, which apparently tracks what you’ve been up to, what you’re currently working on and your goals.

Essentially, the first option mostly involves shopping for, collecting and rebuilding official products, while the second feels more geared towards building from scratch and unleashing your creativity. They’ll both offer largely the same benefits, though.

The proposed price point is £4.99 per month in the UK. You can share your thoughts on both of these potential subscription programs by filling in the survey over at the VIP Rewards Centre. You’ll earn 150 VIP points for taking part, but you’ve only got until January 7 to do so.

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3 thoughts on “LEGO is considering launching a subscription service with access to retired sets

  • 07/01/2022 at 00:36

    The idea of being able to get access to old retired sets is amazing however I don’t see why I need to pay monthly for it, just seems kinda scummy like lego is taking a leaf out of ea’s book. The only thing worth it beyond retired sets would be maybe the gwp but considering how poor the star wars ones have gotten in recent years even this isn’t much of a pull.

  • 22/12/2021 at 11:22

    If I can buy retired sets from Lego – then my purchases will drop by about 70%. I buy sets in case I want to build them – safe in the knowledge that I can sell them if I don’t want to.

    If the aftermarket value drops and the availability increases I only buy what I want when I want it – which means about 25% of what I buy.

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