LEGO Tardis in first picture of official Doctor Who set

We shared the first LEGO Tardis teaser image on our social medai sites yesterday afternoon but  we now have some information to go with it. You may remember that a few months ago an official Doctor Who LEGO set was announced, complete with a range of monsters, Doctors and companions – well now we’re getting out very first look at what the blocky adventures will look like through a sneak peek at the Doctor’s ride thanks to an image posted by LEGO Ideas.

Now we have gotten both the Big Bang Theory and Wall-E LEGO Ideas sets before Dr. Who but I think this is the most anticapted one since Ghostbusters.

That’s right, we’ve finally got to see the LEGO incarnation of the Doctor’s Tardis – and while we can’t confirm it’ll actually be bigger on the inside (those plastic blocks are pretty thick), it certainly looks the part and while it is one a teaser it should mean an official reveal should be this side of Xmas 🙂

Are you excited as I am for this?


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