LEGO Target exclusive 40358 Bean There, Donut That available online

The new Target exclusive LEGO set, 40358 Bean There, Donut That, is now available to buy online.

Fans in the USA can get the exclusive LEGO set, 40358 Bean There, Donut That, from the Target website as well as in-store. The little set is exclusive to the retail chain, it contains 146 bricks and retails for $19.99. It was found a few weeks ago for the first time.

Here is the official product description:

It’s a bright and sunny morning – time for LEGO minifigures everywhere to enjoy a quick breakfast before work. Build the sweet and colorful “Bean There, Donut That” food cart and start serving sweet treats and hot drinks! With cool elements like a bicycle, a basket, a cute Dalmatian dog, and plenty of coffee mugs, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun and realistic roleplay! A great addition to your LEGO brick collection, get inspired by this creative set!

LEGO 40358 Bean there donut that 2

Whether the set will be released elsewhere in the world remains to be seen, but the Wal*Mart classic anniversary boxes were not released worldwide earlier in the year.

Target has also been one of the first retailers to stock new adult sized LEGO costumes in time for Halloween, with giant brick and minifigure options available.

LEGO sets that are not exclusive to Target are available from


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