LEGO teases 2021 set reveal on Black Friday

The LEGO Group will give us a sneak peek at a brand new 2021 set on Black Friday.

It’s part of the company’s LEGO Black Friday Showcase, which will premiere live on the LEGO YouTube channel on Friday, November 27. The video description promises a closer look at the brand new 10276 Colosseum and a retrospective tour through the best LEGO sets of 2020.

More excitingly, though, it also teases a sneak peek at a brand new 2021 set. What exactly that set will be remains a mystery, but you can rest assured we’ll be tuning in to find out.

We’ve already seen plenty of next year’s products over the past few days. And some – like the newest batch of LEGO Star Wars sets – have come straight from But there are still some annual staples yet to be revealed, including the new Creator Expert modular building.

The LEGO Group is celebrating Black Friday with a range of offers and deals. For example, selected sets will be reduced by 20%, while a £150 / $150 spend will net you a free 40410 Charles Dickens Tribute set worth £20.99 / $20.99. You’ll also have the chance to win a cool 1 million VIP points, and exclusive VIP rewards will launch throughout the weekend.’s Black Friday event kicks off on Friday, November 27, and runs through Monday, November 30. To stay up to date on all the LEGO Black Friday offers for 2020, head to our dedicated shopping pages. Some offers from other retailers are already live.

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The LEGO Black Friday Showcase premieres at 3pm on Friday, November 27. If you’re unable to watch live, check back with Brick Fanatics for more on this mysterious new set.

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