LEGO VIP points are finally easier to redeem in stores

The LEGO Group is finally reverting to the original redemption method for VIP points in stores – and it’s now more flexible than ever before.

For the past few years, redeeming your LEGO VIP points has required first going to the VIP Rewards Centre at and spending them on a discount voucher, either to use online or in-store. The VIP team recently merged both discount vouchers into a single omnichannel reward, streamlining the process to an extent – but it still requires some planning if you want to use your points.

That’s in stark contrast to the process that was in place when the VIP program originally launched, which allowed you to simply redeem your points at checkout, either online or in-store. As per the current discount vouchers, however, these still had to be in denominations of £5 / $5 / €5, placing some restriction on how often you could spend your hard-earned loyalty points.

LEGO VIP discount system change UK

The LEGO Group is now moving back to the original redemption method in LEGO Stores, allowing VIP members to use their points without needing to spend them on a discount voucher first. We visited the LEGO Store in Manchester earlier today and were offered the chance to use our VIP points when checking out, just like the good old days.

Better still, we were able to redeem exactly £8 of VIP points on our purchase. That’s because the LEGO Group is seemingly moving away from the requirement to spend VIP points in multiples of £5 / $5 / €5, and allowing customers to spend any amount of points (rounded to the nearest £1). There’s still a minimum redemption amount of £5, but it’s a far more flexible approach to using your points.

According to store staff, this change is only being implemented in LEGO Stores for now, so you’ll still need a voucher from the VIP Rewards Centre to use your points online. We’ve reached out to the LEGO Group for more information, including whether there are plans to bring it to, and whether it will be rolled out in LEGO Stores beyond the UK.

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  • 15/08/2022 at 23:09

    Or just buy the LEGO from a retailer at a much lower price. I don’t understand why people want to pay as much as possible at the official LEGO store.


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