LEGO Xtra 40375 Sports Accessories review

LEGO Xtra 40375 Sports Accessories offers everything a minifigure needs to get active – is it an accessory pack worth picking up?

Price: £3.99 / $3.99 / €3.99  Pieces: 36  Available: Now

LEGO Xtra is a theme that offers a range of accessory packs, predominantly polybags containing very specific pieces. They are not packs that really serve as a satisfying set in and of themselves, but are designed to complement other sets or fan-designed builds. In the case of 40375 Sports Accessories, the set contains sporting bricks and builds.

Given his love for extreme sports, Rex Dangervest poses in these photos with the elements – the minifigure is not included in the polybag.

LEGO Xtra 40375 Sports Accessories 2

Two buildable hockey goals are included, as is a helmet, two hockey sticks and a 1×1 tile to serve as a puck. Ice skates are included too, so it can easily be switched up to ice hockey. The goals are built in a simple way that works.
Skis and ski poles are included, which most LEGO fans will be familiar with as they have turned up regularly in City and Friends. For those who prefer wheels to ice, two roller skates are also in the set along with another helmet.

A bow and arrow element complements the archery board, which is built into a little model so that minifigures can aim at a target. The trophy piece can be awarded to whoever wins this tournament.

40375 Sports Accessories is an interesting little accessory set, as the pieces and builds seem slightly too bespoke to be useful to many fans. Only those who want to focus on winter sports or archery are going to get much from this set, it is a shame that a football or basketball couldn’t have been included for a bit more variety, as those elements are less common than roller skates and skis. It would complement 60203 Ski Resort well though.

For those who need the parts in the polybag, 40375 Sports Accessories might be worth picking up. Those looking for inspiration though might find more mileage from other packs in the LEGO Xtra theme.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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