Modder’s Minecraft resource pack turns game’s visuals into LEGO pieces

A modder has managed to create a ‘Brickcraft’ Minecraft Resource Pack that transforms the game’s visuals into LEGO pieces.

Originally released in 2011, Minecraft is a video game phenomenon that has appeared on almost every platform. With the ability to create and construct items, buildings and whole worlds, comparisons to LEGO products are obvious. In fact, they’re so obvious that the game’s Danish developer, Mojang, even collaborated with the LEGO Group to create official LEGO Minecraft sets.

Now Gamerant is reporting that an enterprising modder going by the user name of AlexTestria has managed to create a resource pack for the game that changes the look of Minecraft’s blocks to LEGO pieces. Brickcraft aims to make Minecraft look even more like a LEGO world by adding studs to the top of blocks and incorporating familiar LEGO pieces. A TikTok video of the pack was recently uploaded to the Minecraft Subreddit, showing off the game’s new look.

Resource packs are a way of changing the appearance of Minecraft and are available in-game from Mojang themselves and third-party creators. Although Brickcraft is an unofficial LEGO product and the LEGO logo doesn’t actually appear in the pack, the references are strikingly obvious.

Interestingly, the first episode of Bits N’ Bricks, the official LEGO podcast, mentioned that a game also called Brickcraft was in development a few years ago, but never got off the ground. It was to be a collaboration between Mojang and the LEGO Group. A prototype version of the game was even built, but never saw the light of day. Whether the name of the Brickcraft resource pack is merely a coincidence is not known.

Minecraft is available to download on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and other systems. The lowest quality Brickcraft resource pack is available for free from the creator’s original page, with a donation of around £1.67 / $2.27 / €2 being asked for higher quality versions.

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