More details on rumoured LEGO Minecraft 2022 sets

More details have emerged on next year’s rumoured line-up of LEGO Minecraft sets, which will reportedly include an Asian-inspired dojo.

Price comparison site published an initial list of LEGO Minecraft sets launching in 2022 last month, with set names that suggested we’d see comparatively rare mobs appearing in products with cheaper price tags. StoneWars has now reported a list of prospective piece counts for those same six sets, along with brief descriptions of their contents.

The smallest set, 21177 The Ambush of the Creeper – previously reported to retail for €9.99 – will apparently include Steve, a Creeper, a baby pig, a chick and a small slice of blocky landscape, totalling 72 pieces in all. 21178 The Fox Lodge will then follow at 193 bricks for €19.99, consisting of a ‘small house in the shape and colour of a sleeping fox’, with a fox, snow white fox and two minifigures, including a drowned zombie.

Coming in at 272 pieces is 21179 The Mushroom House, which will reportedly contain a house shaped like a red mushroom (who knew!), an apple tree, and a tiny farm. The character line-up for that one is said to consist of Alex, a skeleton, a spider and a mushroom cow, and like 21188 The Fox Lodge, it’s due to retail for €19.99 (as corroborated by both StoneWars and

Minecraft Glow Squid

As expected from its name, 21180 The Guardian Duel will apparently be a new underwater Minecraft set, making the Guardian mob – which was previously only available in 2017’s now-retired 21136 The Ocean Monument – more accessible to video game fans. According to StoneWars, the 255-piece set will also include a minifigure and a glow squid, and will cost €22.99.

21181 The Rabbit Ranch, meanwhile, is said to include 340 parts – which will build into the eponymous ranch, two smaller rabbit mobs, a large rabbit and a cave – along with minifigures of Alex and a skeleton, all for €29.99.

Finally, 21183 The Training Grounds – the largest set of the six-strong January 2022 wave for LEGO Minecraft at 534 pieces – will reportedly consist of a pink-roofed Asian dojo situated atop a cave, which is accessible by a ladder and contains armour and weapons storage for the included ‘two game characters’.

The €59.99 set will apparently also include a tree with pink leaves, but whether those will be especially amphibious (a la 10281 Bonsai Tree’s alternate colour scheme) remains to be seen. For now, treat all word on LEGO Minecraft sets for 2022 with caution until we receive official word from the LEGO Group.

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