Star Wars: Ahsoka series rumoured to feature multiple versions of character

The Star Wars: Ahsoka series is rumoured to feature several versions of the character, potentially offering plenty of LEGO minifigure inspiration. 

According to the team at Making Star Wars, the story of the upcoming Ahsoka series will be carrying on from the end of Star Wars: Rebels, as has been teased with mentions of Thrawn, stills and confirmed returning characters including Sabine Wren. 

However, the report also states that we will see a glimpse of different versions of the character from the various eras of her story using multiple actors. This is said to be done using the World Between Worlds – a realm seen in Star Wars: Rebels that exists within the force and allows travel throughout time and space. 

Every Star Wars live-action series so far has had at least one LEGO set with Andor being the most recent with 75338 Ambush on Ferrix. Based on this evidence, one for Ahsoka seems plausible and provided there is some truth to this report, a model may be an opportunity to make use of the various sizes of minifigure legs for multiple Ahsoka minifigures from different eras of her life. 

Of course, nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing and this rumour should be taken caution. Currently, Ahsoka minifigures can be found in both 75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) and 75310 Duel on Mandalore

Previous coverage on the 2023 Ahsoka series has teased a ‘samurai approach’ and stills for it and other Star Wars shows being released. 

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