Multiple new promotional items added to the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre

The LEGO VIP Rewards Centre has been updated for the new year, with multiple promotional items now available to members.

LEGO VIP members who’ve managed to accumulate enough points over the Christmas period may want to check out the Rewards Centre right now, as a number of new items have been added to the line-up of promotional goodies.

Those who do have plenty of credit in their digital wallets can pick up a selection of polybags and digital downloads that are currently available. In terms of physical items, 300 points will get you 30503 Animal Free Builds – Make It Yours, a polybag that was available as a GWP in 2022. Also making an appearance is a previously-rumoured polybag for 2023 in the shape of LEGO Creator 30541 Panda Bear for 500 points. The 3-in-1 set allows for the construction of a small panda bear model, as well as alternate builds of a penguin and killer whale.

On the digital front, VIP members who picked up LEGO Icons 10312 Jazz Club on January 1 may also want to spend 30 points each on two sets of downloads. Both the Retro Jazz Club Poster Pack – Marquee and Retro Jazz Club Poster Pack – Singer include three collectible images per set, with all six forming a complete collection of original themed visuals to support the most recent Icons release.

All of the LEGO VIP items listed above should be available in the Rewards Centre for some time to come and are probably affordable purchases for most members.

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One thought on “Multiple new promotional items added to the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre

  • 03/01/2023 at 19:28

    No point Lego adding lots of items to the shop until they remove the limit of one VIP reward per order, fair enough 1 of each item, but if I order something I should be able to add as many different VIP rewards to my order as I can afford with the points I have. I can get Lego cheaper at other shops so if they don’t improve the way to redeem rewards then I’ll save my money.

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