New LEGO 40305 LEGO Brand Store set images

Images have turned up of a new promotional set, 40305 LEGO Brand Store.

When new LEGO Store locations open, special sets are given away to select customers. Since 2014, that has been 40145 LEGO Brand Retail Store, which was the first version at a rough minifigure scale. It looks like that set is being replaced by 40305 LEGO Brand Store, which has turned up on eBay.

As the images show, this set looks to incorporate many key features of a LEGO Store; the build a minifigure station, the pick a brick wall, the window displays and of course, LEGO sets. It is nice to see an adult minifigure on the box art leaving the shop with his arms full of boxes.

There is no word on when this new set will show up, but in all likelihood it will simpy appear at an upcoming store opening – so fans with new LEGO Stores coming to their local area should keep an eye out for this new box.


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