New LEGO CITY summer sets 2021 revealed

Live life on the edge with LEGO CITY Stuntz, with the reveal of official images of the new range.

Minifigures are chasing some adrenaline highs with this new subtheme, with stunt bikes and trucks galore. The new sets include:

Each bike set comes with its own unique theme and a minifigure rider to match, so you can play out some jumps and twists for yourself at home. The larger builds, 60293 Stunt Park, 60294 Stunt Truck Show, and 60295 Stunt Show Arena also include jumps, spectator stands, and even a flaming ring to take your displays to the next level.

60295 Stunt Show Arena also includes two brick-built cars for your stunt bikes to launch themselves over and a monster truck for your more extreme minifigures who are looking to go one step further. The bikes can also fly on their own, with Stuntz Firewheels shooting them forward when you pull them back three times.

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